First post

So here it is, my first post. This is something I’ve wanted to start for a while now and has took me just as long to get the guts to actually set it up, believe it or not. But here I am! This blog is initially a lifestyle blog, though I will probably go off on a tangent at times and talk about some other passions of mine.

I say lifestyle blog because just over 2 years ago, I decided to become a vegetarian once and for all, no going back (after years of being on and off) and not only becoming a vegetarian but going completely animal cruelty free. Meaning no leather, no wool, nothing made of animal products and all the products I buy are not tested on animals. But this also means cutting out dairy and becoming vegan, which I have…. to a degree. Over the past couple of years I have gradually mastered becoming vegan… bar eating out which I still constantly struggle with but I have the all English problem of being too polite and hate being an inconvenience to people. I either avoid eating out completely, take my own food, find somewhere I know serve vegan food or food that can be easily altered or if there’s none of these available I have to settle with the next best thing. And this is why I still call myself a vegetarian not a vegan.

Living like this is certainly a way of life and has definitely changed my life for the better. Not just for ease of mind but health wise too. And before I waffle on any further I will get to the point and tell you what this blog will actually be about. My thoughts and views as I follow the cruelty free path will be the basis of it, including beauty products, recipes and food, restaurants and cafes, fashion, websites and other blogs, charities and organisations, campaigns. That saying, I will probably ramble on about other favourites of mine such as music, film, arts and crafts and travel. Oh and another favourite of mine, this little gremlin below may pop up from time to time too 🙂



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