The Story of Stuff Project

I first heard of these in a lecture at uni in a discussion about the conservation of marine species indigenous to the U.K and what is polluting our oceans, endangering the life of marine animals such as seals and sharks. The Story of Stuff Project entered the discussion when the conservation turned to micro plastics and this video was shown ….

I had literally no idea about this and it really struck a chord in me plus the fact that the majority of people; I would imagine, are as clueless as I was. Its crazy how such a little thing which no one thinks about could cause so much trouble. Luckily enough because I buy cruelty free products which tend to be on the natural side I haven’t been using any products that contain micro beads for a while now but what I’ve used in the past is a different matter.

By writing this post I wanted to create more awareness on the subject and perhaps inspire more people to check the ingredients of what they’re buying. Because the majority of these micro beads are smaller than a grain of sand nobody can see them. They’re polluting our water, poisoning the wildlife but are also potentially into our food (in the non-vegetarian sense) and into our water. It not only scares me the fact its killing our wildlife but also the fact we are potentially drinking these and if it can poison marine life, can it poison us?

I also wanted to draw attention to the project, because apart from this they do so much and have a number of projects/campaigns and for each one they make a mini film. Overall their aim is to create a community; a community of ‘changemakers’ as they put it, in the aim of making a more healthy planet.

You can check them out here….

Story of Stuff


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