Superdrug at the minute is my favourite place. As you can imagine being a student, I have to live my life on a budget. So when they went cruelty free and naming which of their products are vegan; I was especially happy. Not only are their products really cheap but the majority of them are really good!


One of my favourites is this moisturiser; the Simply Pure Light Moisture for sensitive skin. It’s normally priced at £2.69 but at the minute its been reduced to £1.29 for which you get 75ml. Its paraben and fragrance free and even though it doesn’t say I think its best used as a day cream because of how light it is. On that note; for how light it is, it sure goes a long way! I have terrible combination skin which is incredibly sensitive and has the tendency to be very dry and dehydrated, because of this I struggle to find a good moisturiser that suits my skin. They’re either too light and do nothing for my skin at all or they do too much and make my skin really oily! And the creams especially for combination do nothing for me moisture wise either. So when I found this beauty I was very satisfied!

A little goes a long way (another reason for it to be budget friendly), it feels nice and hydrating putting it on, lets put it this way my skin feels grateful. It absorbs it well without leaving an excess of moisture on the surface and it lasts all day. I’d definitely recommend it among numerous other products!

Here’s the link if you want to check it out 😉

Simply Pure Light Moisturiser


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