Aluminium and Deodorants

It has recently been brought to my attention that some of the ingredients in deodorants and antiperspirants; Aluminium in particular, has been linked with breast cancer. For starters, I had no idea there was aluminium in deodorant full stop, in fact I could not name one ingredient at all that is in deodorants. It could just be me that’s unaware of these things, or it could be that this is more proof of how we have no idea what we’re putting on or in our bodies.

Another ingredient is Parabens which act as a preservative in products. Now this one I had heard of and already knew it wasn’t good for you but had no idea why. This has also been linked to breast cancer. Both of these are in the majority of deodorants or antiperspirants, in fact the only deodorants I could find without them in are natural ingredient based, which for me is always a plus anyway. Saying that, it isn’t definite that these can cause cancer. There has been some cases where this has been the case but whether this would be the same for everyone, it hasn’t been confirmed. For me, this is something I don’t want to risk. Aluminium has also been linked to Alzheimer’s.

Here are some links to articles with more information :

National Cancer Institute

Natural News

The only downsides to shopping for deodorants without these ingredients; is the time and price. It not only took me a long time to find somewhere that sold these aluminium and paraben free deodorants but also took me a long time to work out which would be the cheapest including postage and packaging. Because these days anything that’s good for you seems to be extra pricey, which is messed up. Once you’ve found where sells these though, time isn’t even a factor.


During my search I found out Holland and Barrett sold them, not only that, they were the cheapest in price. I ended up settling on the one above, just because it cost the least including postage. It is £3.99, it contains no parabens or aluminium, it is natural based and it doesn’t test on animals! All in all it is a good deodorant, it does what it says on the tin besides the scent. The initial smell reminds me of cleaning products but fear not that soon fades away. Despite this it still prevents any other smells, lasts for a long time and doesn’t irritate my skin. Though I have not tried or tested this in warm weather, I would definitely buy it again but probably in another scent, Holland and Barret stock one other scent; Chamomile and Aloe Vera.

Holland and Barret do stock other brands, Dr Organic being one of the main ones. They’re a bit more costly but have excellent reviews! Amazon also sell quite a number of these deodorants, but price comes into question again here. All in all I just wanted to create awareness of a subject I feel the majority of people have no clue about, I think its scary that 90% of the time we have no idea what we’re putting into our bodies or on top, not fully aware of the ramifications to our bodies because of this. On a last note, antiperspirants have also been deemed not the healthiest as they can block the sweat glands.





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