Lush Times

Lush is another of my favourite places and I think probably the majority of people’s too. Their products are natural, cruelty free and just ‘lush’ really, what’s not to love!

Anyway I thought I’d share a couple of my favourites and skin savers!



I found out about this face cream a few weeks ago from my sister. I’ve always struggled with super sensitive skin and I’d had some kind of allergic reaction or eczema patch around my eyes and I’d tried all sorts of creams that wouldn’t shift it. Until my sister came up to visit and had brought her celestial cream. She let me try it, and the skin around my eyes almost instantly felt calmer. When I woke up the next morning, it had made such a huge difference as it had reduced dramatically.

I ended up buying my own and changing all my skincare products and my eczema/reaction/whatever it was, is nearly gone now. Even though it’s main purpose isn’t for the eyes, it’s for the entire face, I find it makes an excellent eye cream. I’ve used it a couple of times on the rest of my face but not used it enough there to give an opinion on it. The times I have used it, it’s been very nice and soothing and holds the moisture all day.

Helping Hands


I started using this cream a year or so ago back when I was working in care. I was suffering from extremely dry, chapped hands and my sister being a chef at the time suffered with the same issue, recommended this excellent cream.

It is literally a miracle worker, I noticed a difference within a day. The only downside is I found it left quite a greasy feel on my hands even with just a tiny bit and made working quite difficult so because of this I started using it just at night before I went to bed which turned out to be enough as I’d wake up the next day with much noticeably softer and calmer hands.

And an added plus is that it lasts for ages!! I’ve only just finished my first pot and need to get another one! It also didn’t sting when it went on skin that had split in its chappedness.  

This post will be one of a few about lush products as I shop there quite abit!


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