Battle of the Liquid Eyeliner

Anyone close to me knows I cannot live without liquid eyeliner, its something I’ve worn for years and I feel better for wearing it. This is probably very shallow of me but hey, we all have our little pleasures in life and this just happens to be one of mine.

Here are 3 cruelty free liquid eyeliners I’ve tried….

Barry M


This eyeliner is an old favourite of mine, even before I became cruelty free. Its been my failsafe for years, but despite that it’s not perfect. Even though its longevity is good; there has been times where it has crumbled or rubbed off really easily, bearing in mind I had been wearing it a while at that point. There has been times; albeit rarely, where it has stung upon application (this is after making a few mistakes on my part) or when removing, it has left a red mark on my eyelid.

My favourite thing about this eyeliner is the brush. It’s short and quite fat for your typical eyeliner brush but goes down into a tiny, delicate point. Because it’s so short this makes it very easy to use to get that desired flick and steady line. It lasts a long time and goes on relatively thick so you don’t have to go over it a billion times to make a solid colour. It lasts forever too and not forgetting the low cost!

Lush: Independent


This one is the priciest of all 3, coming in at £14.50 last time I checked and is my least favourite. The liquid itself is quite thin and runny which means when you put it on, it doesn’t give a good solid colour and I had to go over it at least 3 times. The brush is long, thin and really soft so I found it hard to keep a steady line, it is excellent for people who like a thin line but if you’re like me; I like a good strong flick verging on Amy Winehouse style, it’s not so good.

The longevity was good but not as good as the Barry M one and if you were to give your eyes a good hard rub, it would come off easily. Unfortunately the wand broke not long after buying it and became loose, making application a very wobbly experience. On the positive side this one didn’t irritate my eyes at all and was easy to remove when taking your make up off.

NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner

NYX are one of my most recent finds, I had no idea they were cruelty free and all their make up is really affordable! I got this from ASOS for £5.99 I think, which is roughly the same price for the Barry M one. Out of all 3 this is my favourite by far. It’s waterproof, lasts ages and I mean ages. It passed the overnight test, which is gross I know, it’s definitely not advisable to leave it on overnight but when the situation arises particularly ones which involve alcohol and you can’t be bothered to take your make up off when you get in, well basically you wake up and with this it’s like you’ve never been to sleep or been out for that matter. It has a nice shiny ‘vinyl’ sheen and the brush is a mix between the Barry M and Lush brushes. Its shorter than the Lush one but longer and thinner than the Barry M brush, also its not too soft so there’s plenty of support there to get a steady line. You don’t have to go over it more than once, you get a nice opaque colour and I also find I make less mistakes with this, most of the time I get it in one go which if you’re lover of liquid eyeliner you know that’s quite an achievement.

Anyway thanks for your time, hopefully I will be able to post more often soon.


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