Summer Must Haves: Part 1

Well it’s been two months since my last post ….. disgusting. I have nothing to say for myself other than the usual excuse of being busy etc etc blah blah but ANYWAY here I am. And I thought I’d get things kicked off with something seasonal. As it is the summer season, and we all have our favourite go to products which we would buy again and again. So I thought I’d share mine just in case there is someone out there looking out for something new to try.

It is actually quite rare for me to find a product that I love that much that I would buy regularly, as I am the most awkwardest person on the planet inside and out. So you know these products are really good when I say that I’d buy them year after year. I also thought I’d do the post in parts to split them up a bit as you know I love to babble.



I was first introduced to Liz Earle products by my mum, who is a loyal customer of theirs. And I don’t blame her, as their products are really good and continuously reliable. But before I start going into that, there is a downside. It is what some people would consider pricey especially if you’re a skint student (like me) but there are other factors to consider such quality and longevity which in my eyes makes them worth their money. On Liz Earle’s website it is priced at £22.25 for a 40ml which yes it is a lot but that 40ml goes a long way and the quality is exceptional on top of the fact it’s cruelty free, organic and all natural.

The Sheer Skin Tint is a tinted moisturiser which contains SPF 15 and aims to leave skin, ‘looking naturally dewy, even and radiant’ as it states on the bottle. It contains natural ingredients such as vitamin E, borage oil and avocado oil which the website (see link below) helpfully states what these are good for. I feel like it does what it says on the bottle, I find it really hard to find any make up which I like but this, this I like. It has a nice lightweight coverage, where at times it feels like you haven’t got any make up on, it evens out my skin tone and gives a healthy dewy glow. Not only this but it makes my skin feel nice, and strangely because my skin feels healthy I feel healthier.

I don’t wear this all the time, I tend to wear it more in the summer months because I don’t know about you but when it gets warmer I hate wearing make-up, which means it’s also excellent for holidays. Basically it’s just a good all-rounder for when you don’t want to wear as much make up. Depending on where I’m going I’ll either wear it by itself with a touch of mascara and bronzer or blusher, sometimes I’ll wear it with a bit of concealer.

Another downside for me are the shades, because I am quite pale, I tend to always go for the palest shade first which unfortunately for me was a touch too pale, but because I loved the product so much I bought another in the next shade up which then turned out to be too dark but I do get this problem a lot (see, awkward!). So I now mix both together to get just the right shade. I doubt most people would have the same problem as me, as I bet they have a nice normal shade of skin rather than my weird in between one. But what I can see being a problem is the fact Liz Earle don’t offer a wide choice of shades, in fact they offer just 3 which is a massive boo boo really on their part.

The links here if you want to check it out, they also include a video on how to apply it correctly because they’re helpful like that.

 Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint

Again still forever grateful for any thoughts or tips you may have, thanks!


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