Coleslaw quickie

Just a quick blog post with a very quick and simple recipe. It’s the time of year now especially if we’ve been lucky enough to get some good weather where all you feel like eating are salads or just food that isn’t hot. And I don’t know about anyone else but I love coleslaw, whether it be with a salad, pizza or in a sandwich. It’s a perfect addition to most meals and it’s something I’ve missed since becoming an almost vegan nearly a year ago now. 

To most people this recipe is probably such an obvious and simple way to coleslaw but for me at the beginning it didn’t occur to me at all. And because I’ve become a full vegan so gradually it’s made the transition easier but I think it’s also slowed my creativity for meal ideas which now are coming fast and plenty.

So for those people who are like me and struggle and flounder abit at first for meal ideas or for people who just don’t know how to make coleslaw, I aim this recipe at you.

Basically the ingredients are:
– Carrot
– White Cabbage
– Onion
– Dairy free Mayo

The dairy free mayo I've been using lately

Simple, huh?! I won’t give any exact amounts because I normally do it depending on taste as onions vary in strongness of taste, people’s taste also differ though generally I tend to use half of a large carrot, half an onion and however much cabbage I need to balance it out. I also tend to prefer red onions to white and I like to add sunflower, pumpkin or sesame seeds just to add to the flavour and more importantly additional nutrients which us vegans always need. I tend to just put however much mayo in I need, doing taste tests every so often. The carrot is always better off grated, which makes preparation easier.


This is an image of the finished piece, and I do apologise for the quality because this is just a batch I quickly made to restock my fridge, and I didn’t have time to make my picture all arty farty. Either way it’s pretty yummy and I always think homemade food tastes better. And it’s just really easy to make which is good because you can’t buy it from the shops!


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