When life gives you lemons…


Cook with them! Lemons are a diet staple of mine and are a necessity in every food shopping trip, the fact is I use them in nearly all the dishes I make. That squirt of lemon juice just does something to the flavour. Not only that, Lemons are also full of amazing health benefits. They are full of vitamin C among many other nutrients such as vitamins A/E/B6, calcium, iron and protein plus more. They are excellent for your immune system and are known for reducing the risk of strokes, preventing diabetes, fever and high blood pressure, the list goes on really! Not only that, they are really good for your skin, hair and nails. Here are some links below with more information:

Lemons: Health Benefits

Health benefits of lemons

I also like to make a drink out of them pretty regularly, particularly when I’m feeling under the weather. Generally it tends to be hot water and lemon with honey, but if I’m feeling especially bad I chuck some ginger and cinnamon in too. When I make this I tend to let it steep a while to make full use of the nutrients. I got this trick off my mum as she used to make it for my sisters and me when we were younger. At one point I was drinking hot water and lemon every day and my skin was the clearest it had been for a long time, and I wasn’t ill during this time either. This concoction came in particularly handy last week when my hayfever got a bit out of hand, and I was ill all week. Started drinking the drink on the Wednesday and started feeling better on the Friday so I like to think that it helped. This year, when it’s been warm I’ve used the lemons to make homemade lemonade which still contain the same nutrients but you just have to be careful not to go overboard with the sugar. Plus because lemons are known to bring down a fever, they’re good for cooling you down in hot weather.

Lemons have been known to be used for cleaning too, though personally I have never tried it. My mum has used them in the past, especially when cleaning the fridge. With a bit of bicarbonate soda it’s supposed to prevent any nasty smells that might occur in the fridge. Lemons contain antibacterial and antiseptic properties because they’re acidic, which makes them especially useful for cleaning. Here are some links below with handy lemon cleaning tips:

38 handy lemon tips

10 uses for lemons

Using lemons in beauty regimes is quite common also, though I have never used them for this purpose I intend to try to. Lemon juice is often used to tone down brassy blondes or to lighten hair, which I’m going to try next time I bleach my hair after the yellow fiasco I had last time. Rubbing lemon on your face is supposed to reduce blackheads and blocked pores because of their antibacterial properties which makes them an ideal natural cleanser. They are other many other uses to be found on the internet, here are some I found:

6 Beauty Tips

12 ways lemons can make you beautiful

So there you have it, my lemon appreciation post. The most underrated fruit ever, which also happens to make the best marmalade of all time.


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