Burton Agnes Hall


This post is all about my visit a few weeks ago to Burton Agnes Hall which is set in the beautiful countryside near to Driffield and Bridlington. I’d meant to post this earlier but I’ve been suffering with bouts of illness lately so I’ve not got round to it. In fact with me being off from university for the summer and having lots of extra time on my hands I was hoping to blog a lot more than I have done, but I’ve been ill on and off for pretty much the whole summer (bummer!). I’d been wanting to visit Burton Agnes pretty much ever since I moved to the area as I’d heard about their art collection being pretty good and I wanted to check it out.

The weather was perfect on the day so ideal for exploring the gardens. But as we arrived at lunch time, we decided to get something to eat at their café first. And honestly the café wasn’t a great start to our visit. The place was lovely don’t get me wrong and my mum thoroughly enjoyed her lunch but if you happen to be vegan or lactose intolerant its not so good. There are options, the soup of the day can sometimes be vegan for instance but unfortunately that day it wasn’t. There is also a salad that is another option but when I tried to order this they said they didn’t have it. So I was left with ordering a jacket potato but without the butter and baked beans. So it came and it looked really nice, but I noticed it came with a salad, a fairly decent one at that. Understandably I was puzzled with the fact I couldn’t order a salad from the menu but can easily get one as a side with a different meal. The only difference that I can remember between the salad on the menu and of my side was that it had walnuts in it so that made me feel like they could have rustled me up a simple salad as a replacement as I was clearly asking for things without dairy in. Anyway I proceeded to eat my meal and as I cut into my potato you could clearly see that there had been butter on it, and I tasted it and yes there definitely had which out of everything annoyed me the most because I could have had a genuine allergy. So all I could eat was the side salad and some crisps which meant I went hungry for the rest of the day until I went home. And me being me, I hate causing a fuss and wouldn’t say anything, so suffered in silence which is my own fault really. Not good start, but it was the only downside to the day.

The hall itself made quite an impression walking up to it along with the glimpse of the grounds it was situated in, safe to say it was spectacular but not intimidating. And I had a thing about the door, I don’t why but I loved it. I think we had the luck of picking a quiet day as well because everywhere it was peaceful. Walking in you’re instantly wowed by the first room which I can’t even remember what they called it but you entered it from the small entrance hallway. It was like a small hall with ornate carvings and wood panelling lining the walls, leading to the staircase and other ground floor rooms, all of which had lovely views of the garden. Another thing you’re hit with is how amazingly homely it is, even though it is obviously quite grand it still feels like a home. Which to be fair it still is someones home, as it has never changed hands by sale, it isn’t owned by the National Trust or English Heritage so it hasn’t been altered drastically in any way since it’s been built.

20160714_125032I absolutely adored the staircase and all of the rooms impressed me, some of them with the original or almost original décor such as the Chinese room. But a few stick in my mind, such as the library and the Queens bedroom with an ornate ceiling, or a drawing room with an art collection to die for. The Long Gallery on the third floor is one of the newest rooms in the house as it had been refurbished not that long ago but it still continues with the grand décor. This room also houses an amazing art collection, which is eclectic to say the least varying from fine to modern art including a glass sculpture I fell in love with. The amount of French impressionist pieces I was also impressed by, I was exceptionally pleased by this as I saw pieces by Renoir and Matisse among other well known names in real life for the first time. The impressionist art movement was one of my inspirations growing up so I was very happy about this.

After looking around the house, we went on to have a look round the gardens which were very pretty, especially the walled garden. Which had everything in from vegetable patches to pagoda’s wrapped in flowers and a maze in which mum and I took forever to find our way out. The main grounds had a really nice fountain with a spherical sculpture which moved constantly that I really liked. They also have a woodland walk which me and mum didn’t do.

On the grounds there is still the original Norman hall which was built before the main hall, which is definitely interesting to look at. They also have a super cute gift shop and another shop which sells anything for your garden and home. All in all mum and I had a really good day, I loved the hall and its the ideal place to visit on a sunny day with a picnic.



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