Gazpacho Soup


I never thought I’d be eating this soup never mind making it, as cold soup has never ever appealed to me. I can only assume the warmer weather has something to do with my sudden random craving for this particular type of soup. Luckily this soup is vegan without any substitutions or replacements, and happens to be made out of ingredients I get in the normal weekly shop.

I decided to use Gordon Ramsay’s recipe from his website as it seemed the most simple, handy because any food making that involves complicated recipes scare the hell out of me plus massive ingredients lists can be costly. But Gazpacho soup looked like it was generally easy to make anyway but a lot of recipes I found involved a lot more ingredients. So Gordon Ramsay’s it was. Saying that though I did make a few substitutions, for example; instead of using fresh tomatoes I used tinned just because even though me and mum are obsessed with tomatoes and buy a ton every week there still wasn’t enough plus I am a lazy cook and tinned tomatoes were easier. I used a full red pepper as I accidentally used the green pepper the day before, I used balsamic vinegar instead of sherry vinegar and wholemeal bread instead of white as me and mum never buy white bread. Plus I halved the amounts as it was only for me and mum. And despite the fact I halved it there was still enough for 3-4 people. Here is the recipe here…

Gordon Ramsay Gazpacho recipe

So the end result probably wasn’t the traditional gazpacho, and I have no idea if it tasted anything like how it was supposed to but either way it was pretty damn tasty. I’d definitely make it again as it was very easy to make and perfect for a hot day. It’s super quick to prepare and ideal if you work a lot because all you do is chuck everything in a bowl (after chopping it all up), leaving it to marinade in the fridge from half an hour to overnight and then blending. All you have to do is make sure it’s super chilled. Plus the fact I would imagine its really healthy and full of vitamins, especially vitamin c. But be prepared you will stink of garlic.



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